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We believe the arts heal. Dendrite Expressive Arts Coaching offers adaptive, effective arts-based therapy solutions to help individuals heal and grow.

Dendrite Expressive Arts Coaching

Dendrite refers to the branches that span our brain cells, that help send messages and stimuli from the brain throughout the rest of the body. These branches create pathways of connection across the mind and body. Drendrite Expressive

Arts Coaching utilizes multiple art forms, such as movement, dance, drawing, creative writing, and singing, to stimulate and support the brain’s innate ability to create new neural pathways for growth and positive change. 

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Connecting through the arts

Our program comprises healing through expressive arts therapy. This engages the neuroplasticity of the brain, or the brain’s ability to change throughout life by reorganizing itself through forming new connections between brain cells.

Evidence-based, artist-led

Christy-Ann has spent her life not only working as a coach, but also as a working intermedia and performance artist. This combined experience and skillset has allowed her to guide individuals through the creative and therapeutic processes in a professional, knowledgable, and judgement-free environment. 

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Dendrite Expressive Arts Coaching
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