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The healing
of the arts

Dendrite Expressive Arts Coaching utilizes our unique human relationship with the arts to create powerful tools for personal growth and healing. The creative process is already often therapeutic in the daily lives of many individuals—from singing in the car, to doodling while on the phone, or reading in the evening to de-stress—and expressive arts therapy seeks to tap into this natural therapeutic relationship to forge meaningful insight and positive change.  

Dendrite Expressive Arts Coaching uses multiple art forms, such as movement, dance, creative writing, drawing, journaling, and singing to foster self-knowledge and increase the neuroplasticity of the brain. During a session, our work is focused on building resilience and supporting the brain’s ability to create new pathways of connection for growth and healing. This aids the brain’s ability to respond and change throughout life by reorganizing itself through the formation of new connections between brain cells.

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During your session

Dendrite Expressive Arts Coaching is adaptive to client needs, meaning that we formulate our approach to best meet your individual therapeutic needs. 

One session may include:


10 minute warm up


10 minute dance


15 minute drawing


15 minute journaling


20 minute check-in


5 minute goodbyes

I am available for both individual sessions and 4 – 6 week group programs. I can provide my work in person with Covid-19 precautions including mask wearing by myself and participants with recommended social distancing or through Zoom.

Dendrite Expressive Arts Coaching
Christy-Ann Brown, MA, REAT, RSMT

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